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Tools For Success

Throughout your training I will be providing you with various tools to help you succeed with balancing your Primary and Secondary Foods and enjoying a lifestyle modification program designed specifically for you and your goals based on your bio-individuality!

For all subscribers I will be providing information each month that is beneficial to all! Your Subscription to the Monthly Longevity Inspiration Email will permit you to submit 1 question per month as well as submit recipes, personal success stories and photos.

Books & Subscriptons
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Thank You So Much For Your Interest In Your Healthy Longevity and allowing me to be your Guide!

Order Your Tools Today! 


The Quick Start Guide for Healthy Longevity

Get a jump start with the cost free, easy to implement steps that will help you reach your goals to living a long and healthy life, reduce weight and feel energized!

This is an easy to follow guide that will give you all the information you need to begin living the life you desire by making simple to implement diet and lifestyle changes.  

This purchase includes a FREE subscription to the Healthy Longevity Monthly Email.

Value $ Incalculable 

Your Introductory Price $18.88

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Pre-Order Your Hard Copy Of 

Nourishing Longevity for the Evolving Mind, Body & Soul*


Pre-order your signed version of the Ultimate Guide to Longevity!  This book will provide you with the Why's, How's and Science behind the quick start guide and help you to discern what "health & diet" information is true and relevant to you and your individual needs. 

This book will also provide additional information and tools to ensure you reach your weight and lifestyle goals.  

This purchase includes the Quick start Guide, eBook and a FREE subscription to the Healthy Longevity Inspiration monthly email

Value $ Your Health 

Your Introductory Price $33.33

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Healthy Longevity Monthly Inspirational Email

Each month I will review a book by leading authors relating to the latest information about one of the primary foods as well as one on diet and nutrition.  There will be helpful hints, recipes and Q & A's from subscribers that I feel would be of interest to everyone.

The information will tie into the theme of the month and will have supporting videos on my YouTube channel (Nourishing Longevity - please click below to subscribe to YouTube channel).  I will en devour to input your comments and questions to  best I can and eventually will have sponsorship or product promotion available.  This subscription is FREE however a love contribution of $3.33 or more help with the staffing and distribution.  Click pay below and enter any amount that fits your support and budget. 


Coaching Sessions




Please make an appointment to set up individual coaching sessions by sending me an email, text or call.  (see contact page for this information)

In order to be a coaching client you must commit to a minimum of 6 months because this is the verified time frame for us to be able to see results and create new lasting habits to support you in your goals.  

You will receive a 50 minute session every 2 weeks for the 6 month period. 

We will start with an initial phone call where I will outline the process, documents required and set the agreed schedule.  

There are some variables with the pricing based on payment types and length of commitment so please call to schedule your FREE initial consultation TODAY.   It is NEVER too late to begin healthy habits and balance out your life to bring you more joy and happiness!

Life Balencing Exercise

I have a great tool for you to determine where you are in your Healthy Longevity practice.  It aligns with the teachings in my book.  Please hit subscribe below and I will send it to you free of charge!

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