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I am a firm believer of Beauty from the Inside Out and know that the majority of products available on the market today are completely ineffective as they do not contain the "must have" ingredients to ensure Healthy Longevity and the nutrients necessary to begin to end the aging process.  These products are amazing, I personally use them and not a day goes by without people asking me what I use as my skin, it has such a beautiful healthy glow, how I stay so slim, how do I keep a waist line and where do I get all my energy from!  I have researched countless products for over 5 years since my certification and have been using these product 90 + days now.  I am seeing results like weight loss, increased energy and focus, better memory and focus, skin tightening, age spots disappearing and my hair turning back to it's natural color of black ....just when I was getting used to the grey! It does not matter where you are starting from... you will see and feel the  improvements in your weight, energy and quality of your body, energy and skin... remember it is never to late to begin to end aging...

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SKIN CARE - TheraDermis 


Unlike other beauty products that only focus on the surface, they have created potent formulas that go to the cellular level to help regenerate your skin.

  • Tighten Skin

  • Increase Radiance and Glow

  • Reduce Wrinkles & Fine Lines

  • Acne, Blemishes & Abnormal Pigmentation

They use the latest in anti-aging technologies and world leading expertise in Plant based Natural Phytochemicals with many specialized ingredients not available to normal beauty & health companies such as NAD+ & NMN and Hyaluronic Acid Complexes

Their intensely nourishing face masks and serums deliver nutrients right where you need them: your cells, feeding them the essential nutrients essential for growth.

ANTI AGING - Energize

Understanding that we all have different needs they have developed multi products that focus on specific areas.  I personally use Energize-X as I love the fact that it contains NMN, NAD and has vitamin D3 with K2.  The NUMBER ONE recommendation I have for everyone to supplement.  I also love that fact that all of their products are: 

  • 3rd Party Tested

  • Vegan

  • Non - GMO

  • Work at the cellular level

  • Have Purity levels of 99%


Whatever your specific needs are you will find the right product for you.  QUALITY is key and they NEVER compromise on the product ingredients.  When you look at the effectiveness of these products you will find it money well spent because you will actually get results, unlike products you purchase that may not even have the ingredients specified on the label or be absorbed into your body!!! You WILL see results!  I suggest you take photos if your looking for skin care and compare every 30 days.  Remember, it took awhile for you to get this way it will take more than a minute to regenerate!  Also, it might be helpful to take some measurements, note your energy levels, etc.  You would be surprised how quickly you forget how bad you looked or felt!  Take some notes so you can compare the results yourself.

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